G4 linux update

We’ve just tried booting Ubuntu 13.04 PPC but it spazzed out during boot.

We’ve now got Lubuntu 14.04 booted to the live environment and will try to perform an install now


UPDATE – Lubuntu failed to install.┬áThe installer ran but then seemed to crash out.

I’ve decided that the best option will be to try and install Ubuntu server for PPC and then add a front end to it afterwards.

UPDATE2 – Ubuntu server is going on fine at the minute.

imac g4 blob-stick-square

Here at the hack shed we have a new toy.

An old 1ghz power PC imac… the one with a blob, a stick and a square…..

At the moment it’s of very little use as the OS version doesn’t have a decent browser and.. well.. it’s a mac!!

We know we could probably push it up to leopard or something (whichever the last OSX version supported PPC) but we’ve decided it’ll be far more fun to get linux running on it.

So far we’ve looked at yellow dog and lubuntu PPC but only very briefly.

Stay tuned for more info but for now, have a gander at our new baby.

mac1 mac2