Getting Started with CPLDs – Part 4

cpldjIn this guide, we’re going to build up from the previous guide and add a button to our LED. Hopefully by now you’ve had a play with the Quartus II software and had a look through some of the logic elements in the library so I wont be explaining everything in minute detail. You should have a much better idea of what you’re doing now.

You’re going to need your CPLD board & programmer, a breadboard, LED, push button, 10K resistor, 220ohm resistor and some jumper wires.

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Building a breakout board for a TI TMP708

TMP708Steve recently ordered several Texas Instruments TMP708 temperature switches. What he failed to realise however, is that the chips come in an SOT package which is tiny. After laughing at him for quite a while, I offered to build him a breakout board for the chips.

Here are the steps I took to make this tiny package useful for prototyping purposes. It’s by no means pretty but it will allow us to use the temperature switch on a breadboard.

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Getting Started with CPLDs – Part 1

cpldjHere at the Hackshed, we’ve recently purchased a CPLD board based around the Altera Max II EPM240 chip. The board we ordered is a cheap LC Tech product from Ali Express. On reflection, perhaps we should have ordered a better board from a well known company as our board came with no documentation of any sort.

In this article, I’m going to explain the steps involved with getting the Altera Quartus II development software installed onto a Windows PC. Xilinx chips use a different development studio which we won’t be discussing in this article.

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Making male to female jumpers

male-female-jumpersWe’ve got loads of male to male (pins on each end) jumpers here in the Hackshed but recently had to do some breadboarding with a board that only had male headers fitted and didn’t have any male to female jumpers around. Now we could have ordered some online which is the easy thing to do but we needed them straight away and the nearest Maplin is quite a way away so there was nothing else for it…. we made some.

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