My journey into logic

I haven’t looked at logic gates since I went to college 15 years ago. I recently decided that it’s time to revisit the theory and get a better understanding of electronics using logic circuits.

After viewing a few youtube videos and reading some old college textbooks, I’m in a much better position to start some physical experiments. I have looked in my parts collection and while there are plenty of TTL chips, none of them are the simple AND, OR and XOR type.

Onto the internet I went, looking for bargain chips to get playing with……. unfortunately, I just don’t have the spare cash right now to go throwing at random chips.

Enter this ………..



This is a cheap CPLD board based around the Altera Max II chip.

I know I could have spent a bit more and gone for a larger chip or even an FPGA but I’ve decided that this ¬†will suffice for now.

My aim is to design the logic circuits using the schematic view of the Quartus 2 software. I know everyone these days uses VHDL or Verilog but I’m not all that bright so trying to learn a new language is just going to send me over the top.

I’ve now got to wait another 20 or so days for it to arrive from China but I can’t wait to get started with my adventures into logic circuits.

Bring it on!!!

Rant – Dropbox icon change

I haven’t used dropbox for ages but decided today that I need to start using it again. I’ve installed it onto my windows PC but there’s one thing that’s really bothering me…. the new icon.


I hate it :(

It looks all IOS-ey and I don’t want my desktop icons to look like they belong on IOS.

Anyway, rant over, it’s not like it’s going to stop me using it, I just hope other software developers don’t start changing their icons to fit the IOS way

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