Atari ST restoration

Atari-STHere at The Hackshed, we have several “retro” computers. A few of the machines we own are Atari STs. While looking at a couple of them the other day, I found one has a key missing (it was like that when we got it) and another had a faulty floppy drive. There was only one thing I could do…… perform a restoration.

Go and grab yourself a drink and get comfy….. this is a long one……

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Quick Hack – Connect a C64 joystick to a PC

atarijoystickI’ve been trying to work on some CPLD stuff and have hit a brick wall. I’m annoyed. I need to have a break from the logic stuff so I’m finally going to do something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I’m going to connect an old 9-pin joystick up to my PC so I can play some old Commodore 64 games.

This isn’t going to be a particularly elegant solution and I do have plans for a much better method in future but for now, this will suffice and will let me play some old games quickly. I’m also writing this guide as I go along so please excuse the present tense.

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Raspberry Pi – RISC assessment

browserJust a quick update about my RISC OS experience with the Raspberry Pi. So far I’ve got it connected to the internet and had a quick play around.

The browser that comes pre-installed is called Netsurf. It’s a nice, responsive little browser but is also a little limited. I couldn’t get any javascript to run but I don’t mind too much at the minute.

I installed Firefox through the Store app but found it to be very slow. That may be caused by the fact that I’ve only got the 256mb Pi but I did check the memory manager and it showed plenty of free RAM. Dunno.

LIRCOne thing I have managed to get installed is LIRC. I manually downloaded the package (can’t remember the link at the minute) and installed it to the SD card. There was a font problem initally but though playing around, I seem to have sorted it.

The Pi is now running IRC and I’m sat in the rather excellent #tymkrs chat room.

Now to see if I can find a VNC client…….