Making male to female jumpers

male-female-jumpersWe’ve got loads of male to male (pins on each end) jumpers here in the Hackshed but recently had to do some breadboarding with a board that only had male headers fitted and didn’t have any male to female jumpers around. Now we could have ordered some online which is the easy thing to do but we needed them straight away and the nearest Maplin is quite a way away so there was nothing else for it…. we made some.

endFirst of all, I went through the parts bin which consists of bits taken from old electrical equipment, PCs, Hi-Fis, etc. Luckily enough, we had some old LED connectors salvaged from an old PC. Modelled here by our lovely assistant – Handy Hands!!

headersThe next thing we needed were pins, we had a couple of those knocking around. Our set of handy hands came in “handy” next. Using both crocodile clips, I was able to hold the pin and the end of the wire together. One thing to mention is that I slipped some heatshrink handyhandsover the wire first. Then came time to solder the pin to the end of the wire.

Once both wires were soldered to the pins, I moved the heat shrink down to cover the solder joints and held them over a lighter.



Problem solved. I made a few of these in around 10 minutes and then was able to carry on tinkering with my project.




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