Microcontroller Shootout – Part 1

AllOk, here’s the start of something we’ve been planning for a while. We’ve rounded up as many development boards as we can find and we’re going to compare them. This guide won’t be a “which one is better” type of article, more of an introduction to the various platforms available.

At first we’ll just cover the installation of each of the platforms tool chains and how to blink a simple LED, noting how each one differs in ease of use, programming language used, price, etc.

Here is a list of the platforms we have available.

Parallax Propeller
Plain PIC
Plain AVR
Matrix ECIO28P
Raspberry Pi (Not technically a microcontroller but still uses GPIO)
STM32 Discovery
Altera Max II CPLD

If any of you guys would like us to include any other platforms, please feel free to make suggestions and we’ll see if we can get our hands on them.

Stay tuned as the first installment will be posted later today….

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