Running RISC OS on Raspberry Pi

RiscOSbootWhen I was at my junior school (I think they call it primary school now), we used Acorn BBCs. In fact, we used them in the infants too (mainly to play Granny’s Garden). One morning I arrived at school to find our teacher setting up a brand new computer… An Acorn Archimedes. We used these computers all through junior school and comp. Our school only had a couple of PCs and they were for using Encarta (you had to put the CD in a special little CD caddy).

Because we used the Acorns for so long, I got very used to RISC OS and loved it at the time. I now have my own Acorn A3000 computer although I’ve never managed to use it for one reason or another. I really must look into getting it running.

A3000  Anyway, here is a picture of my A3000 with my raspberry PI sat on top of it.

I’ve had my raspberry Pi for a long time and to be honest, most of the time it’s lived in a drawer. Steve uses his most days for tinkering with but mine’s been sadly neglected… Until now.

I downloaded the RISC OS image a while ago from the official raspberry pi site and it’s sat on my hard drive waiting for me to do something with it. The time is now!!

The installation was just as simple as any other OS install with the Pi. Download the image, run W32 DiskImager and pop the SD card into the Pi. While it’s booting you get a nice boot screen as the one shown above. Once it’s booted, it looks pretty much as it always did.


I’ve only had a few minutes hands-on time so far but I’m loving the nostalgia.

My plan now is to try and use RISC OS as much as possible and see how I can fit it into my daily tasks. I doubt I’ll be able to administer Windows 2012 servers from it but I’ll have a damn good go :)