About The Hack Shed

The website came about when I (Carl) had an idea to start a personal blog about general hacking, tinkering and random projects… it all evolved from there.

The website is updated by Carl and Steve; we’re two tinkerers who are interested in technology, electronics, programming and anything that we think is cool.

About Carl

Like most tinkerers, I have a man-cave at the bottom of the garden (It’s actually a garage but hackshed sounded better as a domain name). I don’t particularly specialise in one particular thing but I do enjoy taking things apart, sometimes putting them back together, learning new skills, wood work, metal work, electronics, etc…….

The site is a way for me to keep buy zolpidem cr online track of any ongoing or past projects and hopefully other people will find some of my information useful too.

About Steve

I don’t have a hack-shed like Carl, I just have a room that’s full of random junk that conveniently has a work bench to dump it all on. I am interested in programming and electronics mostly and that’s what you’ll see in most of the posts by me, I enjoy programming development boards like the Arduino.

We both work at the same place and work in IT. So anything technical or computer related comes natural to us. That’s about it from me!