Getting Started with CPLDs – Part 1

Here at the Hackshed, we’ve recently purchased a CPLD board based around the Altera Max II EPM240 chip. The board we ordered is a cheap LC Tech product from Ali Express. On reflection, perhaps we should have ordered a better board from a well known company as our board came with no documentation of any … Read more

MicroView: Chip-sized Arduino with built-in OLED Display on Kickstarter

Whilst browsing Kickstarter we came across these MicroView Ardunio’s which is an Arduino with a built-in OLED Display; as well as providing downloadable libraries for quickly displaying text, sprites, graphs and gauges on the OLED. The Microview has already reached it’s pledge goal with 27 days remaining (at the time of writing this post) We … Read more

How to use WiFi with the Intel Galileo

One of the best features about the Intel Galileo is that it has an mPCIe expansion port for adding various cards to it. One of the cards you can add is for connecting to your wireless network. The steps below should get you up and running with connecting your Intel Galileo up to your network … Read more