What is a Raspberry PI? – A quick review

The Raspberry PI is a miniature low cost computer that can be used for a wide range of projects and entertainment. You may have seen a lot of press around the Raspberry PI as it has had quite a lot of exposure. It’s a great way to learn Linux computing and to dive into the … Read more

Fritzing – Open Source Electrical Design Software

Fritzing is an Open Source piece of software used for the design of electrical circuits. Whilst Fritzing doesn’t do circuit simulation, it does design very, very nicely. You have probably seen some of the Fritzing graphics posted on the Arduino.cc website which is what initially caught my eye. First impressions upon loading is that it … Read more

Product Review – Peak Atlas ESR70+

Around 80% of the faulty electronic devices I look at repairing are caused by faulty electrolytic capacitors. Sometimes you can see a physical fault with a cap (bulges on top or even leaked electrolytic fluid) but often you can’t. The only way I had to test any suspect caps was to simply replace them and … Read more

Why we do what we do

Strange title isn’t it. I’ll explain what I mean… A few days ago, my significant other handed me a cheap, nasty computer mouse and a cheap, nasty USB sparkly, colour changing, desk ornament thing and asked me to fix them. Of course I said “yes”, I daren’t say otherwise. She wanted the desk ornament fixing … Read more